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Manifest your Dreams on 2011 by Creating a Vision Board. 
A Vision Board (also known as Dream Board) is collection or collage of pictures, images and affirmations of your desires, dreams and wishes. 
Materials Needed:
Poster board or cork board (make sure it is a solid color as you don’t want any background pictures/images that are not part of the theme you are creating)
Pictures (from old magazines, photographs, books, online, etc)
Step 1: Get specific about what you want.
Dare to dream beyond what is and remember it is you who allows the Universe to give to you what you want…so dream BIG!  So begin by asking yourself, what do I want in 2011? what does my perfect life look like in 2011? Who is with me? What are they like? What do I look like? What am I doing in 2011 that brings me joy? What does my career/work and home life look like? What does my love life look like? What does my friends and community look like? What beautiful things, people, places surround me? What places would I love to visit on 2011 and with whom? What are my goals and wishes for 2011?
Once you have gotten specific on what you really want 2011, choose one area to focus on or a three areas to focus on as you want the pictures to create a clear theme for the year. Now, its time to look for images and words that support the highest vision of that dream. 
Step 2: Gather and Arrange Pictures. 
Look through old magazines, photographs, books and online stock pictures for images that show very clearly and specifically what you want to manifest on 2011.  Choose images and affirmations that when you look at them give your heart joy, hope and above all a feeling of this is going to happen I know it.  Print or cut images. Sort the pictures and pile them in sections. Type or handwrite any meaningful, happy affirmations you wish to put on your dream board. For example, if I want to manifest a new home and that’s the theme of my vision board.  Then I would sort the pictures by what’s inside the home (specifically by room) and what’s outside the home (curb appeal, gardens, etc).
Step 3: Glue and Place

Place the images and affirmations by sections if there is more than one area you want to manifest.  Example you want to manifest a new car, a new home and new job. Then, you would place the images and affirmations pertaining to the new car in one section and so forth for each category.  Be mindful of any images in the background of the images you have chosen, make sure every image and word you have chosen fully supports what you want to create. Glue the pictures and affirmations you have gathered onto the poster board or pin them to your cork board.
Step 4: Placement of Vision Board
Place your Vision Board in a place where you can see it at least once every day.  Example, you can place the Vision Board in front of your bed so that when you wake up it’s the first thing you see.
Step 5: Update the Images and Affirmations as needed
I recommend you update the images and affirmations if needed as I’ve noticed after a couple of days of looking at your dream board you will want to add or change things on it.  I’ve noticed some of my clients have done vision boards and manifested successfully wonderful changes in their lives by updating the vision board as needed.  Have Fun and no worries life, like the dream board, is a work in progress. 
Have fun creating and manifesting happiness and all good things into your life for 2011!

Many Blessings!
Ana Maria
 ©2010-2011 Ana Maria Pineda. All rights reserved.
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